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Best pedestal fans for 2021

Breeze through summer with a new pedestal fan to keep you and your home cool.

The weather is nothing if not unpredictable in the UK. Sometimes it even gets hot! And when it does, a pedestal fan can be super handy when it comes to getting air moving around your house to create a refreshing breeze. There are pedestal fans to suit all budgets and many feature useful extras like remote controls, timers and quiet settings for overnight use. Whatever your requirements, we think you’ll be a fan of our helpful roundup.

Here are the best pedestal fans to buy for 2021.

8. Best app/voice-controlled pedestal fan: GeoSmartPro AirGo Smart Fan

If you’re used to controlling the appliances in your house using a smart home assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, the GeoSmartPro AirGo Smart Fan could be just what you're looking for.

All you need to do is connect it to your Wi-Fi, download the app for your iOS or Android smartphone, and before you know it you can be telling your fan to switch on or off, or setting up schedules to automatically turn on and off according to the weather forecast.

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