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Finding The Right Pedestal Fan: The Important Factors To Consider!

What are pedestal fans?

Pedestal fans are electrical- powered devices that may be used to circulate a cool breeze around the room. In the summer months, the weather can get especially hot meaning we must invest in the right fan to keep us cool at home. There are many advantages of using a pedestal fan as opposed to other types of ventilation, so let’s take a look!

What are the key features of a pedestal fan?

1. Portable

One of the key features of pedestal fans is the fact they are portable, as they are usually light and can be easily moved. Therefore, they are the perfect home device for families, who wish to move the fan between different rooms throughout the day and night- you may even wish to take your fan with you when traveling!

2. Echo-friendly

Although a built-in Air-conditioning unit was a great invention, it also comes with many disadvantages like high power consumption and the fact it cannot be moved. A pedestal fan is far more economical and uses up far less energy- making it eco-friendly, too!

3. Customisable

When purchasing your pedestal fan, you should ensure that it has the ability to adapt to your personal preferences. For example, by having various modes and speed settings as this gives you greater control over the temperature of your room. The AirGo Smart Fan has three modes to choose between and can be controlled from your phone- meaning you are always in control of your room’s temperature!

4. Quiet

High- end pedestal fans are super quiet- which means you no longer have the battle of deciding whether to be either too hot or disturbed by noise during the night! This feature makes purchasing a high-quality pedestal fan worthwhile, as sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing.

Check out the AirGo Smart Fan!

The AirGo Smart Fan certainly ticks these boxes, having been awarded by Quiet Mark as one of the quietest fans on the market and being so easily transportable. Not only this, the fan’s smart abilities mean it can be controlled remotely and set to automatically switch off when temperatures drop- meaning it is a great energy-saving option!

Likewise, The AirGo Smart Fan gives you the choice of three different modes- and who doesn’t like a choice! For example, with the AirGo fan’s Night Mode, the air is distributed at different pressures to ensure that you won’t have excess wind coming your way throughout the night. This is useful as many of us suffer from dryness due to sleeping with our mouths/ eyes slightly open or simply have naturally dry skin.

Like the sound of this? Why not find out more, by clicking here.


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