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Workouts from home just became cooler!

Updated: Apr 4

Working is not the only activity we are doing at home during this time of lockdowns and social distancing. Most of our activities are changing drastically as we know it and while everything is working out somehow – we are not. There can be several reasons as to why that could be, but the solution is one, push yourself. To make the best out of these circumstances and stay healthy, it is most important to find out how you can do that. For anyone who likes to workout, has an in-house or garage gym, the very first thing you need is good ventilation. As garage gyms can feel like a hot box in summer, cold in winters because of its lack of ventilation. To make you love working out again, we are here with our AirGo Smart Fan to improve the atmosphere of your gym and make your exercise fun, safer and enjoyable.

A study carried by Akiko Iwasaki et al from Yale research team indicated that low ambient humid environment such as in winters have a negative impact on hosts immune defense making it more susceptible against influenza infection. In a separate study conducted by Mallach et al and reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Health Canada shows that after measuring indoor qualities of several homes, indoor garages were a breeding ground for air pollutants throughout the winter period and a simple solution of having good ventilation significantly improved the quality of Air.

According to Mayo Clinic there are number of reasons why garage gyms can be dangerous environment for your daily workout. Although, it may save you from crowds, membership fee, parking fee and also a deadly virus that’s haunting us right now. It is important to understand and find out the best home workout environment suitable for our needs.

Garages can also get extra hot in the summer due to:

  • Cars

  • Heaters

  • Cheap quality doors

  • Having no windows for airflow

  • Having no air condition to cool off

All the collected heat plus body workout can increase your body temperature that can cause heat-related illness. This can include heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heat syncope and heatstroke. Normally, your body adjusts to temperature raises. However, if your body in under above-mentioned conditions for too long it may result in heat-related illnesses. It is important to take measures and care for your need.

To save yourself a scare, it is best to find a way to ventilate your gym space. Practically, having your garage air conditioned like commercial gyms can be quite out of budget and unnecessary. Hence, we present you our AirGo Smart Fan. A perfect and a smart way to cool you off while keeping you going.

AirGo Smart Fan is a perfect fit for your gym, you can set your fan before you even step in your gym!

Here are few fun features in your AirGo Smart Fan that can help you at your gym:

  • Set the schedule to turn it on prior to your workout session.

  • Automate triggers that automatically execute the chosen action when certain conditions are met.

  • Adjust your preferred airflow speeds or set on Smart mode while working out.

  • Set timer to suit your daily routine.

All of these exciting features of your AirGo Smart Fan are accessible through our GeoSmartPro app that lets you focus on your productivity by letting your phone control your fan. Rest of the things you can do to improve your home gym are, making sure you have someone to monitor you if you have history of heat strokes, watching out for signs and symptoms of hot weather workout that can result in heat-related illnesses and when in need of rapid cooling, immerse yourself in cold or ice-water tub.


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