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Mighty Gadget: UK's 1st Smart Pedestal Fan Review.

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The Best Cooling Fans on Amazon – Low noise fans ideal for sleeping and working at home

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Low noise pedestal fans ideal for sleeping

Pedestal fans are generally better for sleeping than a tower fan, because it is one large fan rather than a bunch of smaller ones, this therefore keeps the pitch of the noise down.

This is a tech blog, so of course, there is a smart fan with voice control. Being smart you have a little more control over how things work, you can  set your AirGo Smart Fan to turn on when the temperature in your area goes beyond your set degree, keeping you cool throughout the night without having to wake up.

There are three different modes and three different speeds, but under night mode and smart mode the fan handles the speed itself.

I was concerned about how quiet this would be but it has been classed as one of the quietest fans on the market by Quiet Mark


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