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Not Sure how to save money on energy at home? Here’s how!

Our energy usage has gone up significantly over the last 20 years, due to technology advancing so quickly. We now have devices that can answer our burning questions and turn the light on for us without us having to move an inch.

Today, the average household containing four people uses up to 13 electrical appliances according to the UK (ECUK) 2017 report. That’s over three times more than the number of devices that were used in households in 1990. Surprisingly though, our energy usage has not gone up equally - so our devices are certainly becoming more energy sufficient! But- there is still a lot more that we can do. So, let’s explore.

There are many reasons we should try to cut down on energy around the home, which will help to make everyone’s lives better. An obvious reason to save energy is to protect the environment, as energy usage releases carbon emissions that worsen existing issues such as global climate change. Also, saving energy will help to make our air, water, and land much cleaner; by reducing the greenhouse gases that pollute our air. The healthier the planet, the happier our lives!

But If these aren’t convincing enough, think about the money you could save from cutting back on your usage! So, Let’s look at some easy tips you can use to start to make a difference.

How to save electricity

Using low energy appliances

· Looking to buy a new appliance for your home? Choosing one with a high energy-efficiency rating can be well worth the investment, indirectly saving you money on energy each year.

· The AirGoSmart Fan uses less energy than regular pedestal fans, which could be something to consider when purchasing a fan to cool you down this summer.

Smart appliances

· Smart devices also help you manage and control the amount of energy you are using, by setting timers. Some will even notify you of any sudden changes in your energy usage!

Double glazing

· Double glazing stops heat from escaping the property in cold weather, which is especially important to us in the UK throughout our bitterly cold winters!

· This will save you money on heating bills as you will find that you do not need your heating on as high because heat is contained within the property.

Wash clothes at a lower temperature

· Try washing your clothes at a slightly lower temperature. Washing clothes in cooler temperatures save energy and in turn, cuts the costs of your energy bills. Start off by reducing from 40 degrees to 30!

· Evidence suggests you can save an average of 57% on your washing machine running costs when washing at 30°C, imagine what you could save at 20 °C!

Draught proof your front door

· Draught proof around your front door to help to prevent any cold air from rushing into your home during winter- and don’t forget the letterbox!

· Of course, draught-proofing external doors should be the main priority; but doors that separate cold rooms from warm rooms should also be considered to prevent the unwanted circulation of air between the two areas. For example, this may apply if you have a spare room you do not heat in winter to help save on energy bills.

How can the AirGo Smart fan help?

As we welcome summer into our lives, we are going to need a fan to keep us comfortable throughout the warm nights ahead. Our AirGo Smart fan is the perfect option for you if you wish to reduce your household energy consumption; whether it be for financial or environmental reasons. The smart fan can be set to turn on only when the area reaches a certain temperature, meaning electricity is not being used needlessly. Or, you can simply set a timer, so that the fan is only on for restricted time periods. To find out more about how the AirGoSmart fan could help you reduce your environmental footprint, visit our website.


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