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Key Benefits of AirGo Smart Fan

With the rising pace of smart home innovative technology, we are currently in an era of many choices. Basic needs such as a fan now comes in different types and you are guaranteed to find one to meet your needs. For instance, a pedestal fan has been around for many years. Although this was an option since the beginning, these fans have risen immensely in popularity over the last few years because of the ease and convenience that they provide. And, why not? Unlike ceiling fans, pedestal fans aren’t supposed to be rooted to one spot, and you can easily move them around according to your requirement.

GeoSmartPro have enhanced the technology with our AirGo Smart Fan, UK’s 1st Smart pedestal fan, to deliver many other features through its smart capability which benefit users in their day to day lifestyle. AirGo Smart Fan was developed by analysing the current challenges during summer around parenthood and our daily lifestyle.

When making a purchase for a pedestal fan, it is important to think carefully about what you want it to do, is it quiet and easy to use for your daily lifestyle. Below are 3 key benefits to use a pedestal fan in your home.

  • Quiet: Having a quiet fan is one of the important factors when buying a fan. For instance, during the hot days while you are sleeping or whether it is the kids room that require a fan, a quiet fan will not only cool you down and also helps you to sleep peacefully throughout the night. AirGo Smart Fan is one of the quietest fan available in the market awarded by Quiet Mark.

  • Modern pedestal fans: While latest pedestal fans are now coming with remote control features that enable you to control the speed of your fan from a particular spot. The smart technology of AirGo Smart Fan allows you to control your fan from anywhere around the world via GeoSmartPro app on your smart phone. It is equipped with various smart features to manage the airflow according to your preferred setting for more convenience. To further enhance user experience, GeoSmartPro have introduced its smart pedestal fan that incorporates with Google home or Alexa voice assistance.

  • Easy to move: With the advancement in technology, we are provided with many innovative possibilities and what could be a better example than the invention of an Air Conditioner. This brilliant invention did bring a transformation. However, an AC also comes with many disadvantages like power consumption. While a pedestal fan is economical and can be shifted from one place to another without any hassle. It is an environment friendly fan with low maintenance cost, unlike an AC.

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