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Halloween trick or treat!

As we come out of the pandemic restrictions, Halloween comes at a perfect time where we can meet our loved ones and celebrate together while enjoying the spirit of Halloween. Dressing up in a costume and ringing doorbells for trick and treats, it’s all about getting that interaction back ones again and celebrating together, a tradition in many countries for more than a century!

This Halloween will indeed be more enjoyable with much more activities. However, we should all still take the necessary steps required for everyone’s safety such as;

Test regularly: Events like these are full of interactions, it’s a good idea to take a rapid test before and after the event for your own safety and for others who might be more vulnerable.

Don’t forget as we enter the winter months, seasonal cold and cough can also be mistaken for coronavirus and vice versa.

Wearing mask:

As much we all like to put on the spooky Halloween mask, this is more about your own safety to cover when you are in a social environment and crowded places. There are some great spooky masks ideas around for both adults and kids.

Keep fresh air circulating in your house:

Many of us will be hosting parties and events at our homes this Halloween. Crowded closed spaces pose a greater risk of infections and viral transmission. It is best to ensure you have open windows and allow ventilation. Remember the government guideline on hands, face, space and fresh air rule. Keeping your AirGo Smart Fan or AirLit by the window will help circulate fresh air.


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