Enjoying Working From Home? Here's Why You Should Continue!

During the outbreak of COVID-19, we were all expected to ‘work from home where possible’ meaning that in April 2020 46.6% of people in employment adapted to a new way of working. For some, this has given them a taste of remote working and proved their ability to remain productive at home. If working from home has worked so far for you, here are some more reasons why you should continue to work from home once the pandemic subsides!

1. Saves employees’ money

Working from home cuts the costs of having to commute to the office, pay for lunch or a coffee during your daily breaks. Although these may seem like small costs, over the course of the year you could end up saving around 4,000 pounds of your annual income.

2. Saves employers money

Not only does remote working financially benefit employees, it often means firms no longer need to pay for office space. This can be a great prospect for small firms, who will hugely benefit from saving on rent and even office supplies- and who knows if your company is saving money in these areas you may end up getting a pay rise!

3. Better home/ work-life balance!

Working from home can mean saving time on commuting, and having more control over their working time, which often helps individuals to reconcile work and home life. This can be especially valuable if you are a parent juggling the school run and other family responsibilities. Despite the temptation to slack off, most people find they get far more work completed without the office distractions- meaning more time can be spent relaxing and enjoying life!

4. Higher productivity levels

A recent survey shows a 47% increase in productivity levels since our workforce has shifted to remote working. This may be due to the fact that many of us are simply more comfortable, and therefore more focused in our own homes. Also, workers benefit from not having the distraction of colleagues!

5. It's easier than ever!

We can feel as though we are connected to the office all day if we wish, thanks to the internet! During the recent months, Zoom has become a household name as its daily active users jumped from 10 million to 200 million in just three months! The concept of working from home might have seemed outlandish 20 years ago, but this is the 21st century. So, we can now jump out of bed, and conduct meetings in our pajama bottoms if we wish!

6. More independence

Although we can easily collaborate with colleagues remotely, working from home often makes individuals less complacent and more likely to work things out for themselves. In an office environment, it is so easily to rely on asking a co-worker rather than trying to solve a problem ourselves. Working from home, therefore, has the potential to make us better problem-solvers, which is a key employability skill nowadays. So, work from home to boost your employability in the future!

So, how can you boost your productivity at home?

I think we can all agree, creating a comfortable working environment for yourself is key to your success at working from home. Therefore, it may be worth investing in comfortable furniture and thinking carefully about where to position your workspace.

How can we help?

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