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EL MENS: Quiet Air

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

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GeoSmartPro has launched with a product that has been around for decades, making us all cooler and our homes fresh during the hot summer months, the fan. The transition is a smooth one, still enjoying the same functions that we’re used to, except we’ve gone a step further and turned it into a fantastic app and voice-enabled fan, called AirGo.

This smart fan can be controlled via your GeoSmartPro app from anywhere, allowing you to benefit from all its fantastic features, namely the Timer, Schedule, Mode, App automation, Speed and Swing. AirGo is looking to fit seamlessly into people’s lives, helping everyone from parents wanting an even and timed airflow for their children’s night sleeps, as well as people wishing to set AirGo on from the comfort of their sofa.


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