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AirGo Smart Fan for Winter? Keep Reading!

Winter is upon us and we are excited to let you know that just because its winter, it doesn’t mean you cannot make use of your AirGo Smart Fan. Busting the most commonly believed misconception bubble, we are here to show you the facts, figures and science of using a pedestal fans to warm your house!

According to a research conducted by Alex Loo from, fans can help heaters become more effective when used together. The eco advisor Nelson Lebo, who works for Palmerston North City Council, stated that by using his simple trick of placing the fan above the heater on a table or a chair would help fan mimic the effect of an oscillating tower fan heater. Officer Kerry O’Keefe from Palmerston North Fire station fire risk management confirmed that using fan and heater together is safe. However, one meter distance between both appliances is best.

In addition to this, your fan can help ventilate the room by constantly circulating the air. A well ventilated room will keep the heat distributed around the room as the cool air is continually heated and pushed out by the heater. Moving air also helps to rid of internal moisture which yet again, plays a key role in keeping the indoors warm. It is also advisable to wipe the condensation off the windows every day before using heaters. This will not only help keep rooms stay cool but also remove odors around the house.

Understanding the law of thermodynamics, it is the study of physics that describes the relationship between hot air and cold air; the hot air is lighter than the cold air and hence, it tends to roam freely around the house. Whereas the cold air is heavy and stays closer to grounds.

In winters the low density air (hot air) rises to the highest points of the room i.e. ceiling and therefore we end up feeling cold despite the use of heaters. Using a fan we can manipulate the circulation of the air flow by balancing and redirecting the cool air upwards and reuse the hot air back to the floors without it being wasted.

Our AirGo team was able to put this trick to a test and here’s what you need to do:

Set the AirGo smart fan’s on its low speed, place the fan in close proximity of your heater and tilt the head slightly back. This will move the mechanical air up towards the ceiling and push the warm air down, creating a circulation. This circular air pattern keeps the room warm. However, it only works with the lowest speed otherwise the mechanical air from the fan will just end up cooling down the room. Also, don’t forget to leave at least a 1 meter gap between the fan and the heater.

Tips from what we have learned while using the AirGo Smart Fan in winter;

  • A pedestal fan like ours works more efficiently than a ceiling fan. AirGo Smart Fan allowed the air to flow in the desired direction while wasting zero heat energy in the ceiling

  • Setting your AirGo Smart Fan on low speed allowed the warm air to circulate better rather than high speed which had more cooling affect.

  • Setting a schedule ensured the fan automatically turns on and off when your heater is turned on or off. Using the GeoSmartPro app not only helps warm up the rooms much effectively but also saves energy - benefitting our planet too.

  • AirGo Smart Fan awarded by Quiet Mark for its quiet performance - helped maintain the comfort of sleep during winters and spread the warmth efficiently using its remotely controlled features.

Comment down below if you have tried using the tips above this winter?


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